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Editable Invitations Instructions

The download file is a zip file, if you are using Mac you can unzip it by double click on the file. If you are using windows, do right click > extract here.

If you are using Mac, please do not double click on the pdf file to open because it will automatically opened in a Mac program called "preview" and it will make the fonts look different with our sample. Please open the file from ADOBE READER.

PDF File(s) will ONLY work in Adobe Reader!
Make sure you have the LATEST version installed - otherwise you may NOT able to save the files.
You can edit: font type, font size and font colors.
You cannot edit: location of any text, fonts and graphics.

You CANNOT edit these on an iPad, iPhone or any handheld device/tablet. 
Adobe Reader has recently been updated to a new version called Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. 
Update your Adobe Reader here for free here.

We recommend opening your editable PDF file directly from Adobe Reader. To do this, firstly download your file to a folder on your computer and then open Adobe Acrobat Reader.

1. In Adobe Acrobat Reader click on File > Open.
editable invitation

2. Select your file and click Open.
editable invitation

1. Once you open your file you will see these highlighted boxes/fields. These boxes/fields show you which areas are the editable and you can type your own text. Don't worry, they won’t print out!
editable invitation
2. If you prefer to turn the highlighted fields off, on a Mac click on Acrobat Reader > Preferences (on a PC you will need to click on Edit Menu > Preferences) and then click on the Forms Category and untick the “Show border hover color for fields” box. Press OK.editable invitationHOW TO MOVE THE BOTTOM TOOLBAR
To move the bottom toolbar, just click on the last icon on the toolbar and it will move up to the top.
editable invitation

The tool pane on the right-hand side of the screen is NOT required to edit our printables. Please do not click on anything here! If you do you will be asked to pay to upgrade to the pro version and create an account with Adobe (which you don’t need to do).
editable invitation

If you purchased an invitation with multicolor text, please click here to see the editing instruction. 

All fonts are already embedded in the file, so you don’t need to worry about downloading and installing any fonts. To edit the text, simply highlight our sample text that you want to change and just type over our sample text. 

editable invitation
editable invitation

To change the text size, highlight your text and press Command+E (on Mac) or Control+E (on Windows) to bring up the Text Properties toolbar. Change the size on the toolbar. If you get a little + sign at the bottom right of your text box, this means that your text size is too big and you will need to reduce the text size.
editable invitation

editable invitation

If you purchased an invitation with multicolor text, please click here to see the editing instruction. 

To change the text color, highlight your text and press Command+E (on Mac) or Control+E (on Windows) to bring up the Text Properties toolbar. If the toolbars already show up because you just change the text size, you just need to click on "Text Color". If you want to change your wording to match the invitation, please highlight a colored letter and go to "Other Color". After that, drag the selected color to a small box at the bottom.

editable invitation

After you drag all the colors to the boxes, select your wording and go to "Other Color" again and pick a color.

editable invitation

If you want to make the invitation a little bit fancy, you can make the name colorful by selecting one by one letter and change the color on "Colors" toolbar. The other way to do this is to copy few letters with different colors and paste them at the back. After that you can change one letter by one letter and resize it to fit the text field.

editable invitation

Once you are happy with your changes, you will need to save your file. To save it, click on File > Save As. Make sure you save your file to “My Computer”. You can choose a “Recent Folder” from the list or select “Choose a Different Folder”. Select a folder on your computer to save the file. You can also rename it then press "Save". If you are sending your file out for printing, please save your file to a USB/flash drive.
editable invitation

It’s easy to print your file out on your home color printer. 
1. Click on the Print icon on the top Menu bar to bring up the Print Dialog Box.
2. In the Print Dialog Box, type in how many copies of the page you wish to print. Make sure you have the “Actual Size” option selected under the Page Size and Handling section. This will ensure that your template prints out at it’s designed size. 
3.Press Print!

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