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1. Can I try the template before purchase?
Yes, you may refer to the product description in the specific listing and click on the demo link. All the editing features in the demo will be exactly the same as the purchased version, except you will not be able to save or download the template in the demo.

2. I've placed an order, how do I access my template?
An email from Templett is sent to the email address that is associated with your account - please be sure to check your spambox if you are unable to locate it.
If you do not have access to this email or unable to locate your Templett email, you can still access your template by going to Enter the email address from the order, and press continue, then click on "you don't have access to this email?" link. You will then be asked to enter the Etsy order ID - this can be found on the order receipt in your Etsy account. Once you are logged in, you will be able to update your email address under user settings.

3. What can be edited and cannot be edited?

You can edit/change:
• Change all text
• Change fonts style, size and color
• Add additional text boxes and graphics

• Text boxes can be repositioned, resized and rotated
• Backgrounds can be deleted, recolored or new ones added

• Add your own image
• Add a back side
• Save and make changes later, if needed

You cannot edit/change:
• Graphics are not editable
• Template dimensions and orientations are not editable

4. Do I need to download the font or software?
No, there is no need to install any fonts or software. The fonts shown in the listing image will automatically appear when you open your template. You can also change to any of the fonts available.

5. How do I format multiple templates on a page?
To format the file with multiple cards on a page, you will need to adjust the settings when downloading the PDF file. First click on the download button in the top right and select PDF. Then make sure you turn on the "show trim marks" and "save paper" options - this will arrange as many templates it can fit on a 8.5"x11 or A4 page.

6. What are your download options?
• PDF - for home printing, copy center or print shop (use the "save paper" option to format multiple templates on 8.5"x11" or A4)
• JPG - for photo lab or print shop
• PNG - for text, email or social media

7. Where can I print?
• Home printer
• Copy center such as Staples, OfficeMax or FedEx Office
• Local print shop or online print shop such as Prints of Love
• Photo lab such as Walgreens, Costco or

8. Do you have paper recommendation?
It's best to print on thick card stock. We recommend 100lb or more. Most home printers can handle on 90 - 110lb card stock. You can find a nice selection of paper at

9. What are the terms of use?
Templates/Printables are solely for PERSONAL USE ONLY and must not be used for commercial purpose.
• The purchase of a template is for one-time use only. You can edit, save and download your template unlimited times for editing and proofing purposes only. Creating multiple versions for various projects or events is NOT permitted. The template will expire after 6 months from the day of purchase.
Using the template for multiple events/clients is not allowed.
Using the template to create new items is not allowed.
Event planners, please enjoy our products and respect our work by giving credit or tagging us in any promotional images or social media posts that feature our designs.
No use in mass production.
No redistribute, reselling, sharing, give away the product as freebies even if it is altered or printed. Due to nature of products and the time invested in each product, it will be very appreciated if you recommend our shop as your design source instead. License covers original purchaser only. Copyright of the artwork does not transfer with purchase. You may not claim any part of the artwork as your own. 

Confettily reserves the right to revoke access to a template if the user fails to comply with the terms and reserves the right to refuse a purchase of our designs to anyone we feel would be using for more than personal use.

10. Do you accept custom order?
While we love to work on custom orders, our schedule may not always allow for it. by custom order, we are referring to designs from scratch rather than a template design already sold in our shop. Please contact us to check if our schedule allows us to accommodate a custom order.

11. I need help with my template, what is the best way to contact you?
We're always available for support. Due to the nature of our business, we prefer to communicate with our clients via email. Communicating via email helps us keep track of the correspondence between the client and seller. This allows us to refer back to these emails during the design process to ensure a fantastic result. Please use contact form here.