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How to Play Baby Shower Games

Alphabet Baby Item
Players write down a baby-related items or words for every letter of the alphabet. The one with a word for the most letters wins!

Animal Gestation
Test your guests' knowledge of animal gestation periods. To play the game, just match each animal with the correct number of days that the animal is pregnant.

Baby Around The World
Test your guests' linguistic skills by asking them to match the language with the corresponding word for “baby” for each of 10 different languages. The guest who matches them correctly first wins! Or you can give everyone a certain amount of time to complete the game, read the answers and every guest who guessed correctly wins a prize! Print out a copy of the answer key to check the winner's answers.

Baby Mad Libs
Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word to create fun wishes and advice for the parents to be or mom to be.

Baby Name Game
Here's a game that's not only fun, it gives parents some ideas if they haven't decided on a name yet. Lets guests try to write down a name beginning with each letter of the alphabet as quickly as they can. To add more fun, give them a time limit to complete the game. When time's up, the person who thinks up the most names wins!

Baby Word Scramble
The guests will have to unscramble all of the words. Give them 5-6 minutes to unscramble the words or play until someone unscrambles all of the words. The first one to unscramble all of the words or unscramble the most words in the allotted time is the winner!

Fill in the squares with gifts you think the mom-to-be will receive. Check off the squares as the gifts are opened. 5 in a row wins!

Blurbs for Baby
Create some advice for the mother and her new little one using the following candy/gum names. Be as creative as you can, but use each name only once.

Celebrity Baby Names
The names that celebrities give their children are often unique and rare. Match the baby names with their parents.

Dad Knows Best
Before the shower, ask the mom-to-be a series of questions about babies and write them down. Say the mom-to-be answered the questions. At the shower, explain to all the guests what you've done, and tell the dad-to-be he needs to guess how his partner answered each question. The other guests have to guess how many of her answers he'll predict correctly; whoever ends up closest wins a prize. After the dad-to-be guesses how the expectant mom answered a question, reveal the answer.

Diaper Thoughts
Keep the new parents laughing through the first weeks of diaper changes by having our diaper thoughts activity at your baby shower. Supply a stack of diapers on a table and some Sharpie markers. Use a Sharpie to write a message. The guests can then write jokes, funny messages, or sweet and personal advice on the diapers for the baby's parents to read while they're changing the new baby.

Don't Say Baby
At the moment your guests arrived, give each a diaper pin/necklace/bow tie to wear on their shirt and tell everyone that they cannot say "baby" during the baby shower party. Whenever someone says the word "baby" during the shower, any guest who calls it out gets a pin from the other guest who say the forbidden word. At the end of the baby shower, the guest with the most pins/necklaces/bowties wins!

Finish Mommys Phrase
This is a game that predicts what the future mom will say in a particular situation. List a couple of openended statements on the printable game card and ask the guests to fill in the blanks of what they think the mom-to-be will write on it. Of course, the correct answers will come from the mom-to-be. The person with the most matches wins.

Guess How Many Candies
Pass around a jar/container full of candies and ask your guests to guess how many candies are in the jar/container.The one who guesses the closest wins a baby shower prize. A baby shower game favorite!

Guess How Many Diapers
Fill up a basket full of diapers and ask your guests to guess how many diapers are in the basket. The one who guesses the closest is the winner!

Guess The Baby Food
Gather eight unique flavors of baby food in a jars, label each with cute labels. Blindfold all game participants and ask each guest to predict the different baby foods you have prepared. Give your guest a tea spoon and start sampling by smell, touch and tasting them! The guest with the keenest taste buds wins a prize for getting the most correct.

Guess The Features
During the shower, give each guest a copy of the list of the ideal baby characteristics and a pen. Let them fill out the paper, trying to guess what the mom-to-be would prefer. The guest with the closest guesses to the mommy-to-be's list is the one who thinks the most like she does, and therefore wins the game!

Guess The Sweet Mess
Get five diapers and five different types of chocolate candy bars (Mars, Hersheys, Reese's, Snickers, etc). Melt the chocolate bars slightly in a microwave and place them in the diapers. Put the "dirty" diapers on a table with a label in front of each one. Then let guests guess what candy bar is in each diaper.

Guess What's in Diaper Bag
Choose several baby items which shall be concealed inside a diaper bag. Spread the printable game cards and ask the guests to list their guesses in it. If they are having difficulty in guessing the items, you can let them feel the bag or give out some hints or clues.

How Big is Mommy's Belly
Cut a piece of yarn to the length you think will fit perfectly around the mommy’s belly. After the guests made their guess, wrap the yarn around the card and sign your name. Whoever gets the closest to the actual belly size is the winner!