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Multicolor Text Instructions

Files will ONLY work in Adobe Reader!
Make sure you have the LATEST version installed - otherwise you may NOT able to save the files.
You can edit: font type, font size and font colors.
You cannot edit: location of any text, fonts and graphics.

You CANNOT edit these on an iPad, iPhone or any handheld device/tablet. 
Adobe Reader has recently been updated to a new version called Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. 
Update your Adobe Reader here for free here.

Open your editable PDF file directly from Adobe Reader. 

1. Do not delete the sample name and type over on multicolor text because it will change the text to single color text. Start selecting the letter and change it one by one. This is the way to do it, there is no way you can change the text to multicolor text automatically.

2. Now you have your own name with multicolor text :)


1. Highlight the text and press command+E (on Mac) or control+E (on Windows) to change the font size.

2. Reduce the font size until you think you have enough space to put 2 names

3. After you reduce the font size, you will need to select the text and click "Copy".


4. Put your cursor at the back (after the last letter) and paste the text there.

5. After you paste at the back, start selecting the letter and changing it one by one. Again, this is the way to do it, there is no way you can change the text to multicolor text automatically.

6. Now you have two names in one line with multicolor text. Everything you edit on the left side will automatically update on the right side. There is no need to retype :)
It’s easy to print your file out on your home color printer. 
1. Click on the Print icon on the top Menu bar to bring up the Print Dialog Box.
2. In the Print Dialog Box, type in how many copies of the page you wish to print. Make sure you have the “Actual Size” option selected under the Page Size and Handling section. This will ensure that your template prints out at it’s designed size. 
3.Press Print!

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